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 FENDI  Brand


The image of the noble Italian brand Fendi, was originally founded as a leather fur shop in Rome. The store was started by the young Adele Casagrande in 1918 and later renamed Fendi with Adele Fendi married to Edoardo FENDI in 1925 and continues to develop quality leather fur products. Fendi's five daughters, Paula, Anna, Franca, Alda and Carla, joined Fendi after graduation. Today, FENDI family business has entered the third generation. FENDI's eleven children from the Five Sisters are all involved in Fendi, and its branches are even more global. In the seventies and eighties of the last century, Fendi’s development was more diversified, with the introduction of jeans, ties, glasses, and perfumes, making the brand image more deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

In 1925, the Fendi brand was officially founded in Rome, specializing in the production of high-quality fur products. The Fendi Fashion Conference was held for the first time in 1955. Since then, the company has grown and expanded to include knitwear, swimwear, lower-priced clothing and other categories, and even developed jewelry and men's fragrances. Since its development, the Fendi brand has earned a reputation in the world's high fashion industry for its luxurious fur and classic handbags. After the founder of Eduardo Fendi passed away, the company was jointly run by her five daughters.

www.helloluxs123.vip  (China Biggest Brand Replicas Wholesalers)

In the early 1990s, Fendi’s fur outfit launched a two-sided overcoat with a mesh fabric on the opposite side of the full fur to protest against the anti-fur fashion at that time. In the fall/winter season of 93/94, Fendi brand introduced a medium-length fur coat that can be folded into small zipper bags.

Since 2000, FENDI's watches, leather and leather goods have become popular choices for metropolitan women and often appear casually in FENDI clothing. The double F logo on the accessories and other details is one of the brightest, more varied textures, and can be designed to carry a multi-functional design that can be hung between the wrists and elbows, as well as satisfying everyone’s different preferences and clothing. perfect match. 

www.helloluxs123.vip  (China Biggest Brand Replicas Wholesalers)

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